Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Diesel Designs


The Terms and Conditions set forth are legally binding for the use of these files (www.dieseldesigns.net) whether as a Customer or as a Designer.

The minimum age in order to access or use this site is set at 18.

Use of these files (uploads of designs and design purchases)

  • It is mandatory to fully watermark all my designs (IRL Photos & mock-ups included). Free watermarks are available on the website.
  • No printing of transfers (of any kind), stickers, tattoos, printable vinyl, fabric etc. to be done without a Printing License.
  • The files themselves may not be shared in any way. This includes (but not limited to) sharing files via email, USB drives, shared file storage drives or uploading the files on social media.
  • Uploading via any website for printing is strictly prohibited, even with the license. You can only print via printing equipment you personally own.
  • No alterations to, modifications to, copying of, tracing of, sharing of, gifting of or re-selling of any designs found on this site will be permitted.
  • All items on this site are digital. No items will be physically mailed.

Fabric Terms:

  • If uploading to a custom fabric print shop; the shop's website must clearly state that they do not re-use customers uploaded files for any other customers or sell that design without a proper license from Diesel Designs. If they do not have it stated on their website, you must email diesel.designs.contact@gmail.com with some other proof (emails are fine) that they will not re-use my designs for another customer.
  • Files cannot be sent to any overseas printers. They must be a US/Canadian based Printing Shop. I can make exceptions on a case by case basis. Please email diesel.designs.contact@gmail.com for assistance with this.

Commercial Use (INCLUDED):

  • You may sell any FINISHED physical products (up to 100 products per design or 50 yards of fabric in one design) Examples include, but not limited to: shirts, cups, signs, decals, etc.
  • Credit to Diesel Designs highly appreciated
  • If you want to be able to sell any files as printed stationaries, you MUST own the printing license. You cannot sell/give these away in any other form as that is against my terms.

Extended Commercial Use / Printing License (Additional cost):

  • Printers are to purchase both designs AND licenses before selling any printed items. If you are NOT a printer, you only need the license for the below.
  • If you have purchased the file and sending it to a custom fabric printing shop, you do NOT need the license unless you have 50 or more yards printed of a single design.
  • If you have more than 50 yards of fabric printed or produce more than 100 completed products with a single design, a commercial use / printing license must be purchased.
  • If you plan to sell printed items and not completed items, you must purchase a license. Examples of items requiring a license include:
  • Screenprint
  • DTF Transfers
  • Sublimation Transfers
  • Stickers
  • Tattoos
  • Waterslide Decals
  • Vinyl
  • Printable HTV
  • Fabric

Design Transfer Agreement

  • Having a Printing License does NOT give anyone ownership of any designs. The designs and all rights belong to Diesel Designs / High Maintenance Creations. Uploading via any website for printing is strictly prohibited, even with the license. You can only print via printing equipment you personally own.


  • There is a NO REFUND POLICY on digital purchases.

Using Clipart

  • In the event of planning on selling digital files (with clipart off this site), there must be at least two other elements to the design. My clipart must be LESS than 50% of the entire design. There must be some sort of element covering part of my element to prevent tracing. Only FLATTENED files with my clipart may be sold.

Collabs, customs, exclusives and bundles (unless noted otherwise) are NOT included in the drives.

Kindly refrain from using this site in the event you do not agree with all the Terms and Conditions as set forth.

Breaking the Terms and Conditions will result in your IP Address being blocked and you will no longer have access to this site or any drives you have purchased.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us via email at diesel.designs.contact@gmail.com