About Me

My name is Angela, and I am a momma to 5 kids in total. 3 of which are special needs and still at home. One is living with her mother in Colorado. And the oldest is living with her boyfriend in Oklahoma! I was born in Michigan and while I have lived in many states (Hawaii, Oklahoma & Colorado), Michigan is home. I moved back to Michigan in March of 2021 with my then Fiancé (now Husband) and our kids. My husband is a transman and my daughter is trans as well. We are a very big LGBTQ+ family.

Dj, my husband, is my business partner and best friend. We do everything together, so why would designing be any different? He is very quiet and never posts on Facebook -- but he makes designs behind the scenes and uploads them to the drives for ya'll. Those amazing football tumbler wraps ya'll love? Yep, Dj! He is a full time Diesel mechanic (hence the business name!) so he doesn't do nearly as much, but I still consider him an equal in all this. 

I am a medical marijuana patient as I have over 21 medical diagnoses to include Fibromyalgia. I use crafting as a way to relieve stress and help with my anxiety & depression.

When I was in my teens, I became obsessed with those AOL doll characters. I was determined to learn how to make them myself. I did. Then came myspace. I wanted to make my Myspace pretty. So, I learned more about graphic designing. Then I slowly started getting people requesting me to make them designs or websites. By 17, I was making a full time income doing web & graphic design. I paid for my very own (first) wedding at only 17 years old from the web & graphic designing I had been doing for the year.

At age 21, I was diagnosed with; Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, Thoracic Rotation, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Guyon's tunnel syndrome, B12 Deficiency (my body will not absorb it at all!) and arthritis. I had to stop designing. At this time, I only knew paint shop pro which was a desktop/laptop program. It was causing me too much pain sitting at the computer all day. It broke my heart but I needed to focus on my health.

Over the years, my diagnosis list just continued to grow. I am unable to work due to both the physical and mental disabilities I suffer.

In 2014, I opened up a small tee business. That turned into tees & tumblers. This was a way for me to work at home in my own pace. However I had two issues. 1) I was still in pain from sitting on the floor for hours or using tons of weight on my heat press for hours, etc and 2) I still had people custom requesting designs ALL the time. I had to close down because it was just causing too much pain with very little reward.

In May of 2022, my whole world was crushed. My grandma (Granny) who raised me (my mother was only 15 when she had me) passed away. I fell into a pretty severe depression. I had heard about procreate a few times and it sounded similar to the program I was used to, Paint Shop Pro. When I fell into my depression, my amazing husband got me an iPad with procreate on it to try and occupy my mind.

I spent months just designing away with no intentions of anything. Every time I felt overwhelmed, stressed, angry, sad, any of it - I picked up my iPad. I showed a couple friends these designs the last week of July (2022) and they suggested I should try and sell them. 

In a month I had over 100 sales of my digital products.

That gave me a major confidence boost. My iPad and procreate have become a major security blanket for me. It makes me happy to know that my designs are bringing joy to others. I will forever stay with my iPad. I will never stop designing. It is my passion. It's what makes me happy. 

Other random facts about me: I love anything horror and/or creepy. I love dark but also BRIGHT colors. I am obsessed with collecting Mini Brands. I was a foster parent and have an adopted daughter from it. I was a military spouse for 12 years. All of my kids were born in different states. SKULLS & SKELLIES are life. I have a very dark sense of humor. I believe in Nature and it's power. Physically, mentally and medicinally.